• Wildlife Gallery

    "Nature is not all that is visible to the eye... it also includes the inner pictures of the soul" - Edward Munch

    Black Rhino in Laikipia

    800mm x 1,200mm

    Maasai Mara Sunrise

    1,200mm x 680mm


    1,200mm x 660mm

    Touch of Ivory

    1,200mm x 800mm

    Kenyan Plains

    1,200mm x 500mm

    Lion King

    800mm x 800mm

    Rhino Charge

    1,200mm x 550mm

    Leopard Print

    1,200mm x 1,200mm

  • Urban Architecture

    "We shape our buildings. Thereafter, they shape us" - Winston Churchill

    From Paris with Lights

    1,200mm x 770mm

    Nairobi Dawn Time

    1,200mm x 710mm

    Around the Arc

    1,200mm x 650mm

    Burning the Midnight Oil

    1,200mm x 510mm

    Hey Big Ben

    1,200mm x 810mm

    Urban "Isthmus"

    1,200mm x 1,060mm

    Urban "Isthmus" 2

    1,200mm x 820mm

    "And there was light"

    1,600mm x 62mm

  • Social & Culture

    "Culture does not make people. People make culture" - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

    Gently Down the Stream

    1,200mm x 760mm

    Floating Shop in Cambodia

    1,200mm x 560mm

    Turkanese Stride

    1,200mm x 860mm

    Glass Blowing

    1,200mm x 750mm

  • Lifestyle

    "Fashion fades, style is eternal" - Yves Saint Laurent

    Proudly African

    1,200mm x 1,685mm

    Proudly African

    1,200mm x 1,685mm